Ever since I was little, I understood that stories held the capacity to impact the world. I started in the news industry at the young age of eleven when I commandeered my school's TV Production program. I loved the camera, the news gathering and the hushed whispers before we went on air. I fell in love with journalism and production right there in the small AV closet off the library covered in green screen. 

I continued to study television production more seriously through high school where I learned how to use a switcher, tape deck, and real studio cameras. I learned how to edit on AVID and directed the morning news regularly. I left for college and was determined to continue my hands on experience by starting in a news room my freshman year. I did. 

Throughout college I worked in every news medium and received many awards for my ability to take criticism and determination to the job. In 2017 I was nominated for a NATAS Chicago Emmy. I owe most of my sleepless nights to the stories I covered and work I did. 

To this day, visual media is my love. Storytelling is my passion. 

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